Baby Shower Game – Naming Baby Items

Naming Baby Items.
Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Tell them to make a list containing as many baby items as they can, without repeating any, such as a crib, bottle, diapers, wipes, and so on. When everyone is done, look through the list (you can read them out loud if you would like to). The person who has the most baby items on their list is the winner.

This is a fun baby shower game to play… very similar to the Name Baby Products baby shower game we played last weekend.

Have A Baby-Que!

A fun idea is to have families come to the baby shower as well as couples and have a cookout or what we call Baby-Que. Play baby shower games such as “name the family member” (where you ask questions that no-one may know about the mommy-to-be and daddy to be and their families) to see if someone knows who the question is about (i.e., Who was in a rock band in college, Who graduated with honors, who wanted to be an astronaut). Cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers while listening to your favorite tunes. This is a less formal baby shower but lots of fun for everyone (and no baby sitter is needed if you have little ones). Thanks to Melanie for this great baby shower planning idea!

We played the “Name The Family Member” baby shower game at the last shower I was at… LOVE the idea of the Baby-Que too!

Name The Celebrity Baby – Baby Shower Game

Though not everyone will ‘fess up to it, most people have snuck a peek or two (or way more) at the latest pics of Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, or Jayden James Federline. Now, guests can put their celeb-kid knowledge to the test with this game, recommended by Danielle Friedland, publisher and president of Celebrity Baby Blog, to which — we freely admit! — we’re slavishly addicted.

Such a fun baby shower game!